Question laptop screen problem: Laptop Tech Support: 0: May 10, 2020: Solved! However, if you do see vertical lines on your laptop’s screen while you are in its BIOS, the problem … I was connecting my laptop to a Smart TV Screen when a horizontal green line appeared on my laptop screen. I rarely see horizontal. To start give the screen a slight twist. The problem could be behind the screen … By clicking on the Fix My Screen button, the website will display a fuzzy graphic on the screen that looks like moving static. At that point start wiggling the display, move it forward and backwards, see if the lines appear/disappear. Above is the screen shot of where the line located at. This could also be indicator of an issue with the panel of the display. Horizontal lines on the screen that show up even during POST or when the logo (HP) appears, could mean a defective LCD. If this is the case then you may need to request an RMA. This appear after I download something with Google Chroom, which Later I shut down the PC directly without Closing that Download Bar at the bottom. Sometimes there is a loose connection and this is the result. LCD/LED Monitor: 1. I am looking for the cheapest way of fixing this (if possible) without replacing the actual screen. Thus, resulting that line to appear on the screen. On a white background the line is hardly noticeable but any other colour and its visible. I have tried to restart my computer, but it is still there. Horizontal lines appeared over the screen making everything pretty much unreadable. My notebook is relatively new, i bought it a few months ago, and it … yesterday, a fix horizontal green light has sudenly appeared on the screen of my HP notebook. Check the video cables. I have a HP 250 G5 laptop and a single, thin, green, horizontal line has appeared across the middle of the screen. And when i do a print screen, it does not appear on the image. Any ideas? Horizontal lines on laptop screen Vertical or horizontal lines running across the screen are very annoying, and they can make the screen unreadable. This problem is caused by either a faulty graphics card or a loose video cable. The screen is also way dimmer than before. Once my computer loads and i can get to the screen where I type in my password it then freezes. Not too hard to break the screen. ... if you only get lines on the laptop display and not the external monitor you can rule out the graphics card/memory. Leave this to run for … Since your laptop’s BIOS is technically not a part of its Operating System, if the problem is software-related, you will not see any vertical lines on your laptop’s screen while you are in the BIOS. Again much like UDPixel, it has features for both detecting and fixing stuck pixels on your laptop screen. The Line is at the exact locaton, the top line of the Download Bar. NOTE: The secondary screen (over VGA) works fine, so it's not a GPU problem. Usually a green line would suggest there is an issue with the laptop ribbon cable or display adapter. If there are vertical or horizontal lines on the screen it could mean that the refresh rate on your display needs to be changed. So I bought a new screen and the problem seemed to be fixed. Try it with an external monitor to rule out the video card. I'm here to help you with your problem. No prior accident in my laptop happened.
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