Can anybody explain in clear words what are the main differences in responsibilities, roles, career path, salary, ..., that exist between these to figures?? With more MSLs, pharmaceutical companies will be able to engage the medical community on a more scientific level than what has been done before. We share some key tips on getting it right. Thanks for the A2A. You can remember it by remember the second i: liais-.Have a nice day! What are the key traits a 21st century leader should possess. This is a field-based position where you will be required to travel across various southern states and territories. A medical science liaison, according to the Medical Liaison Science Society is a healthcare consulting professional within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, CRO and other healthcare industries. MA managing MSLs in Canada is likely in the 140-180 range base. How To Know If A Medical Science Liaison Position Is Right For You. Apply to Liaison, Medical Specialist, Physician and more! New medical science liaison careers are added daily on They serve as expert resources for information about a drug for clinical experts in that disease field as well as internal colleagues. Press J to jump to the feed. The low-stress way to find your next medical science liaison job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Working in-house is becoming an increasingly attractive option to many lawyers as salary packages close the gap with private practice. STA Pacific. Some companies call MSLs regional medical advisors for example. Some companies require candidates to have a medical degree because the MSL is expected to develop peer-to-peer relationships with thought leaders, a task requiring substantial scientific knowledge. Dear CalgaryThrowaway14, thank you so much for your detailed reply! Being such a dynamic and heterogeneous system, MA and MSL roles are hard to define on a universal basis. It is really a step up in responsibility from an MSL but the role changes widely across companies so it is hard to quantify. COOKIES ON OUR WEBSITE We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. My email: By creating a job alert, you agree to our Terms. Oncology, Cardiology, CNS, Hematology, Women’s Health Care) and disease states (e.g. Glassdoor), MSLs earn A LOT more than MAs, whereas other sources (e.g. 2. Traditionally in Asia, the MSL role is viewed as a transitionary one and is practised for a few years before moving on to commercial roles internally, or a more advanced role within the medical field such as the Medical Advisor position. A Bachelor in Finance or Computer Science or Engineering wth basic understanding in Excel. Medical Science Liaisons work in the pharmaceutical industry and are responsible for providing knowledge on the latest research to professionals who are developing medicines and treatments. Toggle navigation. MSL - - > Medical Advisor - - > medical affairs director. In my current company, we only have these hierarchy. What I gathered so far is the notion that Medical Advisor is a sort of "step up","sit down" option for MSLs that wish to be more office-based, but I cannot clearly delineate what other differences are. ... Medical science liaison plan of action interview - a template and example of how to handle a second round interview. Medical Science Liaison Lead ‑ East Chiesi USA, Inc. Robert Groebel. However it is increasingly gaining importance as companies are keen to engage thought leaders on more scientific issues in the industry. The other 30% of the time is spent in the office catching up on the latest medical news. Here are some benefits of the role. Hey, CalgaryThrowaway14, just a quick heads-up:liase is actually spelled liaise. Some of them, like MSL jobs pay just $4,735 (3.3%) more than the average Medical Science Liaison salary of $140,763. Medical Science Liaison Background Pharmacists in industry are employed in a variety of positions. Medical science liaisons are therapeutic specialists with advanced scientific training and degrees in life sciences (doctorates, advanced professional healthcare degrees, or masters in science). In order to be a successful MSL, you need to have a genuine interest in the science of pharmaceuticals and engage with people on the most recent research. They are more involved in medical strategy - that is, what the MSLs do. The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role is a position within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other health-care industries. Successful MSLs understand the science behind the compounds and are able to interpret clinical data as well as derive implications from the data for patients. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They form relationships quickly and nurture them overtime to become a trusted source of information for physicians. Or, depending on how the particular company is structured, someone could become a Senior Medical Science Liaison, and even a Medical Director. A medical science liaison (MSL) is a healthcare consulting professional who is employed by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and managed care companies.Other job titles for medical science liaisons may include medical liaisons, clinical science liaisons, medical science managers, regional medical scientists, and regional medical directors.
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