As you arrive at the western end of the Central Passage, turn right and take the passage on the right-hand side of the Marunouchi Central Exit ticket gates. Tokyo Station stretches rather long towards north and south but the major exits are on the west and east side of the station. B1 Yaesu Underground Central Gate. That combination means there’s very little in the way of … ● To the Yaesu South Exit – Things a Japanese College Student Can’t Live Without! 4. Unfortunately, we are currently not taking reservations. ● To Marunouchi Underground North Exit Pass through the Marunouchi Underground Central Exit ticket gates. Maihama Station is the closest station to Tokyo Disney Resort. The hotel is also located just 30 minutes from the Haneda Airport Station by Tokyo Monorail; and 60 minutes from the JR Narita Airport Station by Narita Express. Pass through the Yaesu North Exit ticket gates. 1. Follow the signs saying “GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI” and continue straight. 2. Tokyo Station (Marunouchi station building) was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, the authority of Japanese architects at that time who also has designed famous buildings like the headquarter office of Bank of Japan. It is made up of, from north to south, the Marunouchi North Exit, the Marunouchi Central Exit, and the Marunouchi South Exit on the ground floor. So if you’re on a day trip, have time to kill or … Pass by the elevator going to platform 3 and 4. Descend either of the two stairs at the center of the platform and follow the signs of “Yaesu Central Exit.” 7. The newer eastern extension is not far from the Ginza commercial district. With the Narita Express, Shinkansen, JR and private rail lines, plus the Tokyo Metro passing through, most visitors end up transiting at Tokyo at some point during their trip. It was a three-storied magnificent Renaissance architecture with 3 … Location: Marunouchi area B1F, along the Central Passage (outside the ticket gates) ● GRANSTA It welcomes around 450,000 daily users and more than 4000 trains per day. Head to the right, following the signs of “Keiyo Line / Musashino Line.” Rooms. Nippon Gourmet Road on the first basement floor 3. 2. The North Exit passage, turn left just before Daimaru Tokyo 3. The bulk of Martin Cruz Smith's "Tokyo Station" is set in 1941, when the impending war with the Allied Forces was the talk of Tokyo. Our booking guide lists the closest hotels to Tokyo Station, Tokyo, Japan 3. ● Kurobei Yokocho (Black Fence Alley) The shinkansen bullet train terminal serves as … 6. Take the stairs or escalator marked with “Narita Express.” 3. The Tokyo Imperial Palace (Wadakura Fountain Park, The Imperial Palace East Gardens), Marunouchi Building, Shin-Marunouchi Building, KITTE (JP Tower), Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store, Otemon Gate, Museum of the Imperial Collections, Tokyo Station Hotel, Tokyo Station Gallery, GRANSTA Marunouchi, Tokyo International Forum. Follow the Central Passage towards the Marunouchi Central Exit. 6. Yaesu Book Center, 1. Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time! 2. What’s Around Tokyo Station’s East and West Exits? 1. Exit the Marunouchi Central Exit ticket gates, just right of the brick wall. Official website of The Tokyo Station Hotel , a luxury hotel . Keiyo Street and its many shops and restaurants 4. 3. ● To Marunouchi Central Exit The entrance to the Keiyo Line platforms 7. The western end of the Central Passage 3. Book your hotel in Tokyo at the best price. ● First Avenue Tokyo Station (Tokyo-eki Ichibangai) 2. I would love to view the station by night as the illumination of Tokyo station in the colder months must be fantastic. The stairs going down to the first basement floor 5. Turn right after going down the stairs and continue straight through the passage. Admire the architecture of the Tokyo Station, one of the oldest in Japan, and the greenery of that historical site before heading to the Imperial Palace's Park. Location is good near in tokyo station and in front of hotel also have a train station. Plus, it’s the heart of the city so with all those people and families coming and going, you need: Food and Restaurants to recharge Go straight through the South Passage and pass through the Marunouchi South Exit ticket gates. View deals for Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. Tokyo Station is the busiest railway station in Japan in terms of the number of trains. Where is Tokyo Station? Tokyo Character Street is a convenient shopping destination that is located right on the underground of Tokyo Station. Pass through the Marunouchi Underground Central Exit ticket gates 3. 4. The number of passengers entering the station daily reaches 380 000, ranking fifth among stations where the East Japan Railway Company is an owner. English English. Aged 18+ Children. Follow the signs saying “Nihonbashi Exit” and go straight ahead. Go straight ahead and turn left right after JR Tokai Tours. Platforms 1 to 10 on the second floor belong to JR, serving as the arrival and departure platforms for the Chuo Line, the Keihin Tohoku Line, the Yamanote Line, the Tokaido Line, and the Ueno Tokyo Line. The stairs at the southern end of the platform 2. Look for the signs saying “Keiyo Line / Musashino Line” and take the escalator to the third basement level. The JR Information Center 3. Continue straight through the passage 4. Leave the station via the Nihonbashi Exit. The journey takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. 4. This time, we'll be introducing 10 must-see … 3. 1. 1. "Tokyo Station" is the British title for a work published in the US as "December 6." Tokyo station is the starting station f The Marunouchi North Exit ticket gates 4. The majority of the Marunouchi Station Building houses the Tokyo Station Hotel 3. Tokyo Character Street 2. With the Imperial Palace (the former Edo castle) located to its north, Tokyo station is the entrance to Tokyo both in name and function. 5. Continue straight through the North Passage and pass the Marunouchi North Exit ticket gates. 2. Pass through the Marunouchi Underground North Exit ticket gates. The magnificent red-brick facade, built in 1914, gives way to a bustling underground city of train tracks, shops, and restaurants. 2. Descend either of the two stairs in the center of the platform and head for the Marunouchi Central Exit Tokyo’s city center is surprisingly compact (you can walk from one side of it to the other in an hour and a half), and also incredibly dense. 1F Yaesu Central Gate. The two main entrances are the Marunouchi Exit on the west side and the Yaesu Exit on the east side, 2. 2. Take the stairs to go down from the platform, then go down again to the first basement level via the stairs next to the Marunouchi Central Exit and head towards the Marunouchi Underground Central Exit. 2. The passage next to the Marunouchi Central Exit ticket gates 5. Continue straight for a few steps and you’ll find yourself outside immediately. The Yaesu North Exit, 1. The west side where the Marunouchi exits are is connected to the east side and its Yaesu exits by the North Passage. ● To the Yaesu Underground Central Exit Descend either of the two stairs at the center of the platform, following the signs of “Yaesu Central Exit.” Both trains take about half an hour to get to Tokyo Station, so either is OK. Tokyo Monorial is better for heading to Tokyo Station and Asakusa. By Bus. The stone monument near the Marunouchi Central Exit is a popular photo shop 2. Tickets cost ¥70 - ¥200 and the journey takes 5 min. The Central Passage 3. ● GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI 4. Welcome to Tokyo Station Teppanyaki & Sushi View Teppanyaki Menu View Sushi Menu. Tokyo Monorail-How to go to the platform Tokyo Station is not Japan’s oldest station nor even its biggest, but it does have the beautifully restored Meiji era station building on the Marunouchi side and it’s undoubtedly important as a terminus for the high speed Shinkansen lines that head north, west and south. 3. Inside the South Dome, where the Marunouchi South ticket gates are located. B1 GRANROOF. And Keikyu Line is acceptable for heading to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama, etc. Tokyo Station is a beautiful historic building right in the middle of Tokyo. What companies run services between Akihabara (Station), Japan and Tokyo station, Japan? 1. In contrast, income earned by the company within its station premises reaches 260 million yen per day, which places Tokyo station first in terms of benefit, ahead … Taking any of the Marunouchi Exits will lead you to the Imperial Palace and Hibiya. Kurobei Yokocho 4. and 5, Gransta Marunouchi 6. The Central Underground Passage 8. 4. search engine in order to plan out your itinerary and find all the train times. Platforms of the Yamanote line at Tokyo Station. Several buildings, including KITTE (JP Tower), Marunouchi Building, and Shin-Marunouchi Building 3.
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