Then comes TIM’s card, the cost for TIMS card for the people of SAARC countries is the US $3, for organized TIMS card is US $20 and for individual trekkers is the US $ 20. The cost of Annapurna Base Camp treks is only $799 per person if you are in a group (more than 2). Hi there! How much does climbing cost in Nepal? The cost of transport varies according to how you are going through. A native of South Africa, Andrew has hiked and climbed all over the world. Everest. But hiring porter from Kathmandu and Pokhara will cost $20-$25 per day. For further information about Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost and any trekking route in Nepal, Feel free to contact us! However, our readers are often unsure of what other costs are associated with trekking the Annapurna Circuit. For carrying your luggage you can hire an experienced porter which will charge $20-$25 per day. Annapurna is the first mountain standing in the category of the 8000m highest peaks in the world .It is situated in mid western part of Nepal. Similarly, a solo Annapurna circuit trek cost is comparatively lesser than a trek with a professional guide. Annapurna Circuit Trek Permit Cost. Here we are providing the price according to different factors such as the breakdown of prices for food and accommodation, transport, hiring a guide or a porter, and so on. (USD 50 for local/India tourist) Buddha air website says USD 125 one way. Annapurna I … Read More. However, if you are trekking at altitude, which you will be, you’ll need a policy that covers you for this. All-in-all the cost to climb Mount Everest could range from $33,500 or above. For a single person, the cost of his trek will increase by 120 US$. Search for: Himalayas on Foot. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world and was the first 8000m peak to be climbed. If you just do Annapurna Base Camp trek excluding Poonhill, normal people can make it for 7 days starting and ending at Pokhara. Renting is often a good option, especially if you are not planning on trekking again. Map . A good option is to ask other trekkers for their personal recommendations. These are the experienced guides for climbing and summiting mountain peaks who will technically aspects of your trek. Altitude: Ranges from 820 meters at Besisahar to 5416 meters at the Thorung La Pass Best Times to Trek: March – April and October – November Cost: 53,900 rupees/$490USD Here we go for the costs involved when hiking the Annapurna … It seems to be the costly trek to climb the Mt. Trip Annapurna begins from Dhampus to Pothana+ Landrk + Ghandruk+ Tadapani +Ghorepani+ Ulleri and Banthanti. Every Mountain lovers are well known about the Annapurna Circuit Trek. You can get a visa card at the International Airport at Kathmandu or can complete the online process and payment at Tribhuwan International Airport. Well, it is quite difficult to answer straight forward. If you except hire a porter from trekking trails then the cost will be more. We will be purchasing or renting in Kathmandu but are looking for the best deals/options in terms or reliable gear but things we will not need after this excursion. It was first summited in 1950 by Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal. Normally Annapurna Base camp Trek takes around 12-14 days and also the cost depends on the online booking or the travel agency you wants to enjoy the trek. Besides, the maintaining campsites cost $2,000, oxygen costs $3,700, Gear costs $7,000 and other miscellaneous expenses cost $10,000. Flight costs to Kathmandu can vary considerably depending on what season you travel in. Looking to trek the Annapurna Circuit with a reliable and ethical on-the-ground tour operator, but don’t know where to start? If you’re not a Nepali citizen, you will need a visa for entering Nepal. The cost of the trek depends on various factor. Either trek with a local agent or a Western operator. Its changing climatic zones and incredible scenery bring people back to the region time and time again. Annapurna Base Camp Trek leads you in the heart of world tenth highest Mt. Most Western operators are quite professional and you should expect to pay between US$1,500 – US$4,000. Local operators charge anywhere from US$1,200 – US$3,000. With Magical Nepal expect to pay from $480 per person using buses. Assistant Guide: S/he is on the way to becoming a fully licensed guide. Complete Guide to the Annapurna Region Trekking. If you want to do the Annapurna base camp trek, you will need to obtain two permits; a TIMS card (Trekking Intelligent Management System) and an ACAP permit (Annapurna Conservation Area Project). Annapurna peak climbing has several avalanche-prone areas with many technical sections. How much does it cost to trek in Nepal? Simply climbing a wall is a difficult and scary task itself, so we can assume how difficult is the level to stand as close to the sun by the summiting highest peak of the world, Mount Everest (8848 M). the first 8,000 meters mountains ever climbed by French Expeditions in 1950. three years before Mt. You will need a $45,000 average. How many days do you want to spend on this trek? Please note that these are purely recommendations – we are not medical experts and you should always consult with a medical professional prior to leaving for Nepal. Since all climbing peaks fall under the same group, group B, climbing any of them costs the same in terms of NMA fees. There is a fair amount of conflicting information regarding tipping in Nepal, however, from our personal experience we would suggest tipping your guide between US$150 – $200 for a 18 day trek (per person) and your porter between US$60 – $80 per person. Likewise, you can hire a private car if you want to enjoy the awesome highway along with amazing views of high hills and rivers nearby road. On Arrival Visa Fee. How much ABC trek does it cost? Lastly, you should always budget for general spending on activities, shopping etc. Kanchenjunga Expedition Cost Facts. Prices won’t include guest travel insurance, visa fees, trekking equipment. Key factors influencing the cost are air tickets, climbing equipment and clothes, as well as the cost of guided tours.. On the 7 Summits equipment you will need about $9 000 USD. If you have a western guide it can cost even more. Price includes from Nepal Alsace trek. Annapurna stands above 8,091 m and 26,545 ft high. Additional costs include various extra costs that you have to pay while trekking in the Annapurna region. From Pokhara, we will take another short drive towards Nayapul – the starting point of our trek. How much does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost? There are plenty of reasons for its immense popularity. Higher than the average 7000m peak Annapurna IV is ideal training for Everest and avoids the need to do another 8000m peak. If you are hiring a guide from any trekking agency then an experienced guide usually charges $30-$40 per day. If you wish to pay more then that’s great! Make sure on acclimatizing or take rest before you try to hike over 4,000 meters. Average cost for trekking insurance (not including mountaineering) = US$150 (based upon 30 days cover). The cost of an experienced guide is $325 for each peak. How Much Does it Cost to Trek Annapurna Base Camp? Also if you want to start from Pokhara and end at Besisahar then having a flight to Pokhara is the best option. It was not until 1970 that Annapurna was summited again. Remember 8 days on the mountain gives you the best and safest chance of standing on the summit. Safety should be your highest priority when choosing an operator. If you count the days from Kathmandu 7+3+2 =12 days are required. The Annapurna Circuit snakes through a massif that has one peak (Annapurna I) that reaches over 8,000 m, 13 peaks over 7,000 m, and 16 peaks over 6,000 m! Overall the cost of the Circuit was quite a bit lower than the EBC cost. 01: Arrival & departure transports. In the lower region from Jomsom to Pokhara, you can find an attached bathroom with a single room too. Also note, drinking water in Nepal is not suitable for foreigners to the country. The cost does not matter if the man or women have trekking strong wish and desire. Below are a few factors contributing in the Annapurna circuit trek cost. If it is possible then do not rent a hiking boot instead buy it. How much does it cost to trek in Nepal. How Much Will it Cost for Annapurna Circuit Trek? This Expedition can be modified according to your time and requirements. Make sure to hire a license holder guide and a well-experienced guide with you. This Expedition can be modified according to your time and requirements. Like many fabulous treks, the Annapurna Circuit does come with certain costs, most notably the the cost of a tour operator or personal guide. For the Trip Cost, we listed 532: US$ per person minimum of the 2 people in the group. Island Peak (6,189m), also known as Imja Tse, is a popular and busy climbing peak in the Everest region. There are four summits in the range of Annapurna. Itinerary . You can check out our cost inclusion section too for the price you have to pay. Kathmandu has some great markets where you can buy local crafts and some awesome sight seeing opportunities, so you’ll want to budget for this. After spending a full day sightseeing and making climb preparation at Kathmandu, we will take a scenic drive towards Pokhara. The costs will change based on how inclusive you want your trip to be. 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Although you could arrange this prior to leaving, most people simply get a visa upon arrival at the airport. Climbing Permits. There are plenty of reasons for its immense popularity. To climb Mount Everest first you need the permit from the Nepal Tourism Board which is located in Kathmandu. Your email address will not be published. Make sure you purify all water before drinking. Therefore, we always recommend strongly to our readers to purchase travel insurance prior to their trip. In 62 years following their climb, only 181 climbers have summited Annapurna I — more than 400 people summited Everest in the 2012 season alone. The morning was a quick 700ft climb to Bichok Duerali, ... At 26,545ft, Annapurna I is the 10th-tallest mountain in the world. But most of the travelers are confused about the Annapurna Circuit trek costs. Those who call Annapurna the “world’s deadliest” are most likely referring to its claim of the highest death-to-summit ratio of all the 8000-meter peaks. Only one trail leads up to A.B.C., but there are a couple ways to get to that single route (see below). All climbers are required to obtain the permit which costs $11,000. Some of the Tea Houses on this trekking have attached bathroom but not for all places. Island Peak Climbing costs USD 2029 as a combined trip with the Everest Base Camp Trek. Depending on the season, the online flight cost between Kathmandu and Pokhara is about USD 90 – 125 for one way. On average, it will cost $120 per person if you hire a private car. There are often more costs associated with trekking overseas than most people realise. 54 climbers never came back. Obviously, the further ahead you book your flights the cheaper they are. Annapurna trek package is USD 600$ – 799$ per person. As you must know, as the altitude increase the price of drinks also increases. If you plan on combining you Annapurna Circuit trek with some proper climbing (e.g, ropes, ice axes and crampons), you’ll need mountaineering insurance on top of this. As long as you have a perfect fitness level, your trek will depend on it. Assuming you are planning on trekking with an organised tour operator, you will have two choices. And also we suggest you not to use hard drinks during your trek in higher altitude. Trekking at altitude will always come with certain risks and this is of course true of the Annapurna Circuit also. Our article also includes a quote calculator for your convenience. Cost Inclusion. ; The Expedition Itinerary may be changed after understanding by both agency and client. However, there are certainly some key vaccinations you should always consider. Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition provide one client is equal to one Sherpa guide (1=1). But most of the trekkers are unknown about the Annapurna Circuit trek costs. However, if you want to complete the Annapurna circuit in a reasonable budget, you must allocate it accordingly. Always hire a porter from Kathmandu and Pokhara who has the correct gear and is insured. How much does Langtang Valley Trek Costs? And make sure that you will not give change money for you so that it is better to give exact money with a passport-sized photograph. Everest Region. Cost of Transport for Annapurna Circuit Trek. Landline:+977-1-4389398 (Sun-Fri-10 AM to 5 PM). It makes no sense to try reducing it, because your life and health depend on it. Annapurna is a subrange of the Himalaya. Climbing permits will cost $11,000 in peak season and cost $8000 in other seasons. If you decide to include Tilicho lake trekking in your itinerary, it will cost you extra in the overall Annapurna Trek cost. How much is the Everest Base Camp trek and what will it cost you in total? On the flip side, if you are unhappy with how your guides and porters have performed, no tip will be required. Below we have laid out the main cost considerations to budget for. international flights), Average = US3,500 (incl. If you have any further questions or queries about the cost of the Annapurna Circuit, please just leave a note below and we;ll respond within 24 hours. To rent the above items it will cost around $1-$2 per day for each material. Please try again. The permit fee for the SAARC countries is only NPR 200, but the nation rather than the SAARC countries are NPR 2000. Local Trekking Company in Nepal. Since, the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit Trek is Thorong La Pass which is at the altitude of 5416 meters, make sure … The chances for a successful ascent of Annapurna is awfully low as compared to Mt. MD & Trip Planner. For the Trip Cost, we listed 532: US$ per person minimum of the 2 people in the group. You can start your journey by road. Air Tickets: This cost may fluctuate depending on where you are travelling from i.e. For payment, the US dollar is best or should be paid in acceptable currency. We can put you in touch with a terrific operator. But also keeping the income and expenditure in mind it cost up to $10000 +, it depends on your intensity and ratio of expenditure on the products and services that you want to get up. We believe that there are certain key items you should always bring with you. The climbing permits cost includes all permits to Everest Region. Annapurna Expedition with Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition starts at Kathmandu. The Sanctuary is the shorter of the two, with the finish line of Annapurna Base Camp (A.B.C.) If you were to trek unsupported, expect to pay between US$700 – US$1,000. If you are connected with Annapurna Mountain Trek then we offer you up to $1299 per person. You can either boil water or use iodine water purification tablets. Alcohol, soft drinks, and snacks: as per menu price. Price includes from Nepal Alsace trek. It has 50/50 chance successful summit. The Annapurna region is an area in western Nepal where most popular Trek Annapurna Base Camp is located. ; Cost & Departures Dates of Expedition will change according to your NEED, GROUP SIZE and TIME. For more information on trekking insurance please read our detailed article here. Mainly because of the transport cost you can get to the starting point of the Annapurna Circuit and back by a local bus. Trekking in Nepal The expedition towards the Annapurna is the tough works but not for their committed man who has the dream to trek on the Annapurna. Before heading towards the trek, you need ideas of how much things are going to cost. These include: For a detailed Annapurna Circuit Packing List click here. The Annapurna Wilderness is connected by an expansive network of trails that link the Circuit and Sanctuary treks. Most of the trekking companies operate this trek in the $500 to $800 per person price range. This trek is somehow difficult if you are passing the highest point at 5,416m as you cross the Thorong La pass. And also make sure not to except any hard or soft drinks at this price. Required fields are marked. For the Annapurna Circuit trek, you will need two permits, which you will use to check in at different checkpoints along the trek. How much does it cost to trek to Everest Base Camp? This article has set out a detailed overview to help our potential trekkers budget for the trip. The only must necessary thing to enter in the land of Nepal is Visa. If you just do Annapurna Base Camp trek excluding Poonhill, normal people can make it for 7 days starting and ending at Pokhara.
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