The Arabic Program offers skill level courses, ranging from the elementary to the advanced levels, and topics courses introducing the students to key themes, texts, and figures of the modern and premodern Arab world. We boast the most extensive library of online Arabic language courses available anywhere in the world. - Arabic introductory courses usually focus on the acquisition of essential elements for basic communication skills. If you are looking for an Arabic curriculum that is suitable for middle and high school students then you've come to the right place. This first-year course of a two-year sequence is an introduction to Modern Standard Arabic, the language of formal speech and most printed materials in the Arab-speaking world. This is the best interactive course online which combines the three important skills in language learning: Reading, listening, and writing Below is a list of our MSA courses: Colloquial Arabic is the spoken Arabic used by Arabs in their everyday lives. This course introduces the fundamental elements of the modern standard Arabic language within the cultural context of Arabic-speaking people. ... High Schools. Learn Arabic this summer from the safety of your home. Sign up here! Online Programs. Each course is sponsored by a UW department, which oversees the curriculum and teacher training and support. You can choose from a variety of online classes for high school credits, including courses in English, Math, and Science or explore areas of interest with our Career and Technical Education courses. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), as its name indicates, is the modern counterpart of Classical Arabic. Texas Arabic Academy (TAA) is an academic institute based in Houston, Texas that offers Arabic classes for all ages & levels, from beginners to advanced, from learning the alphabet to Understanding classical and regional Arabic. – Standard Arabic Take high school English classes online at eAchieve Academy, tuition-free for Wisconsin students with classes in American & British lit, AP English, communication, composition, creative writing and reading comprehension. All online classes are approximately four hours per day, five days a week, followed by online study time/office hours and cultural activities. Award Winning online Arabic courses An interactive course of Modern Standard Arabic. Each course comprises lessons with activities and games that cover the following language skills: listening, speaking, reading, structure, and writing. Arabic. Rankings. Chatrooms, videos, and more resources available. If you’d like to use Arabic to learn more about something you’re passionate in, taking an online course in Arabic can be a useful way to do two things at once. These courses do not contain grammar lessons. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) not only offer Arabic language courses, but they also offer courses on other subjects in Arabic. Programs usually come in a range spanning from beginner to advanced. Since 1999, when Arab Academy was launched as the first online Arabic language service, our expert Arabic teachers have developed over 150 Arabic and Quranic Arabic courses to cater to students of all age groups, language levels, and areas of interest. Copyright © Arab Academy. Gifted LearningLinks (GLL) offers engaging gifted online courses and programs, including family programs, enrichment, core essentials, honors, and AP® courses for gifted and talented students in kindergarten through grade 12. **Announcement regarding 2021's Program: As of now, the Arabic High School program is being planned tentatively for in-person classes.This is subject to change depending on the situation and … Online language courses have become readily available and provide an interactive experience for students. Emphasis is placed on the development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Moreover, a good foundation in MSA allows the learner not only to have access to a vast heritage of ancient and modern literature, scholarly work and various types of media, but also facilitates the learning process itself and the time devoted to any Dialect the student may wish to acquire in the future. Once you select a course-track, you can progress through as many Arabic lessons as you like, from novice all the way to the most advanced levels. Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, USA. Learn Quranic Arabic online through one of our Quranic courses: These online Arabic courses are based on the verses from the Quran that relate to 15 prophets. Partner Programs for High School Students . Then we provide you with interactive learning pages on the verse. They can teach all the age of students according to the level of the students. Running Start. Courses offered through UW in the High School are official UW courses. We offer a range of over 292 courses for all ages, experience levels, and interests. 100% Online. Arabic speakers from various parts of the world do communicate in their respective dialects. You can click on any word to hear it play and to get its translation. This course has been designed to develop basic language skills in Arabic: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as a basic understanding and assimilation of the Arab culture in general. The Muslim Academy is a K-12 Online academy with accreditation approved secular/academic curriculum with Qu'ran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. Each course comprises lessons with activities and games that cover the following language skills: listening, speaking, reading, structure, and writing. Founded at the renowned Stanford University in California, Stanford … It is composed of 3 levels. Since 1999, when Arab Academy was launched as the first online Arabic language service, our expert Arabic teachers have developed over 150 Arabic and Quranic Arabic courses to cater to students of all age groups, language levels, and areas of interest. Learn and Read Quran Online and take Islamic Classes & Islamic Courses through our innovative Online Islamic School and experience it for yourself. Unlike MSA that is uniform in all Arab countries, colloquial Arabic is subject to regional variation, not only between different countries, but also across regions in the same country. When you get started with Arab Academy, you choose an Arabic language course-track: Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, Quranic Arabic or Islamic Arabic. They’re listed in the UW course catalog and follow the same curriculum as the course taught on the UW campus. * Explore our list of online high school courses, and view sample lessons to determine if this is a good fit for your student. It is worthwhile to mention that MSA is used all over the world in classroom instruction, electronic and print media, scientific research and many other formal situations. Arabic I A/B Learning Outcomes. This way, you will become fluent in Arabic quickly and conveniently. If you are looking to learn the Arabic language online, you have come to the right place. We also have a GCSE and A-Level centre in Salford, open every Sunday. Free online language programs may not help much with verbal skills, but they allow students to take classes from any location. Take a Free Online Course in Arabic. These schools work to meet the needs of diverse learners, offering many high school courses at varying levels: comprehensive, remediation, credit recovery, honors, and Advanced Placement®. – Islamic Arabic. This can save you and your family valuable time and money as you pursue a college education after high school. – Egyptian Colloquial Students will learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet and will develop beginning proficiency in the language. Below is a list of our Stories of the prophet courses: These online Arabic lessons for kids are geared for younger students (middle and high schools students). Stanford Online High School. All of the ‘Aammiyyah (Dialect), known collectively as colloquial Arabic (CA), contain base words, segments, expressions, idioms, structures, and cultural references from Formal Standard Arabic. Arab Academy’s online Arabic courses provide students with a truly comprehensive experience, similar to an actual Arabic language immersion program. MSA reflects the needs of contemporary expression whereas Classical Arabic reflects the needs of older styles. They will learn how to communicate in Arabic with their peers in basic daily life conversations and express themselves on topics related to social issues and the world around them. Info on Free Online Courses in Arabic Arabic courses generally cover learning Arabic (vocabulary and pronunciation) and writing Arabic script. This course track is divided into two sub-tracks: Quranic Arabic courses are great for those who are interested in learning and understanding the language of the Quran. Arabic courses for all kinds of learners and all abilities – all to internationally recognised standards. If you’re looking to learn Egyptian Arabic, check out this. Certain upper-division courses (100-199) are also approved for high school students and are listed below. General Certificate of Education (GCSE) Arabic exam. Eligibility - CTY Online Programs admits students with demonstrated outstanding academic abilities. First, we provide you with some essential background information on each surah so you get the historical perspective which will enable you to understand the surah fully. AUC’s renowned Arabic Language Intensive Summer Program (ALIS) is now available online, so you can learn Arabic whenever and wherever you want. Michigan Virtual’s high school world language courses provide students opportunities to expand their vocabulary, their knowledge of grammar and their experiences with foreign countries.. Students complete reading, listening, writing and speaking activities in the language, receiving feedback from a Michigan-certified and highly qualified instructor. Coursera: There are currently four courses in Arabic on Coursera, and more … High School Arabic Courses. The truly wonderful thing about those courses are the large number of interactive activities that ensure that you have learned, understood and retained the meanings of the surah. Enroll full-time or just take the classes you need to graduate. Diverse Student Body– Study alongside current UW students, adults and students from abroad. Arabic is a widely spoken language, both in and out of the United States. Manchester Arabic School is open every Saturday from 10:00am and is located in Chorlton. Our curriculum adheres to the Common Core State Standards and is approved for accreditation by SACS CASI. We start with the first prophet then progress in chronological order. These real-time, session-based courses in a virtual classroom feature interaction with an expert instructor, classmates, and teaching assistant. All Rights Reserved, The geographical location pertaining to the dialects. In addition, there are one-on-one video conferences with instructors and teaching assistants. Please take a moment to review our terms and conditions and privacy policy. The program meets the requirements and guidelines of the following: Below is a list of our AB Initio / GCSE courses: Cookies and other technologies may be used, by us or by third parties, to personalize and improve your experience, perform analytics, and advertise our services and products. LanguageBird offers online Arabic courses for High School credit. These courses follow a communicative approach methodology, are highly interactive, and allow you to work on your functional language abilities at your own pace and access all our Arabic lessons online in the comfort of your own home. What is an online course in Arabic? The online classes are offered for three levels of learners: elementary, intermediate, and intermediate-high or advanced. American School is pleased to partner with Rosetta Stone to offer the following online Arabic courses. Arab Academy is a world-recognized, leading provider of online Arabic language courses. Prior Arabic: All students with prior Arabic will take a proficiency assessment test to determine the level at which you will be placed. By clicking “I agree” below, you agree to our terms and conditions and consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. These courses are offered only at Cumberland International Early College High School. ; Credit and Placement - How to pursue credit and/or placement for CTY's online courses. It is the official language of 22 Arab countries where it is used in the oral and written form on all formal occasions. The UW GenOM Project recognizes the importance of high school students gaining access to quality educational programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Arabic 1 (full unit) Arabic 1 (first semester) Arabic 1 (second semester) The average Arab throughout the Arab world has no problem whatsoever understanding the Egyptian dialect as they are all exposed to it via popular TV programs, films and documentaries produced in Egypt. I agree. Our school has excellent, modern teaching facilities whilst offering a relaxed and friendly environment for your child to learn Arabic. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Our program has been proven to be an effective and engaging way to learn Arabic online. ... One of the single most important parts of your college application is what classes you choose to take in high school (in conjunction with how well you do in those classes). Elementary Arabic I, ARB 101: June 8 - … Online Language Classes Structure. National Rankings; ... Arabic … Our credit-bearing program will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning combined with additional activities via virtual media to help improve proficiency as rapidly as possible. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Arabic I A/B. Experience Campus Life, Learn a New Language & Earn 2 College Credits! CTY offers online world language courses in Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish to students in grades 2-12 at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Since Arabic has such diverse dialects: the Levantine Dialect (Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, and Jordanian), the Iraqi D., the Arabian D., the Arabian peninsula D., the Egyptian D. (Egypt and Sudan), and the North African D. (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco); we will be using a variant of Arabic known as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which strongly resembles Fushaa (meaning “The most beautiful, the most eloquent, and the purest.”), All students are required to learn the written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) by the ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), which represents an indispensable linguistic foundation for successful communication with speakers of any colloquial variant (Colloquial Arabic or Dialects). Online Quran Tutors have excellent command on Arabic, English and Urdu language. Kaveh Niazi, Stanford Online High School, Stanford, CA. Seattle Central offers programs that allow eligible high school students to take courses and earn college credit while still in high school. The Maryland State Department of Education collaborates with local schools through the Maryland Virtual School, or MVS, to provide online high school courses. Special colors provide you with a key on tajweed rules that are then explained to you. Therefore, the instructor will incorporate some elements of the Levantine and the Egyptian Dialects, © 2020 National University Virtual High School. However, the degree and ease of comprehensibility depends on two factors: Arab Academy provides courses in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Buy all your Arabic learning materials from Noorart; your partner to education and the largest provider for Arabic educational materials in North America. Courses. They start with introducing the alphabet, then focus on daily life situations that young people face at school. ; Course Selection - Online Programs courses are designed to enrich academically advanced students - parents or guardians are vital to the process. This course has been designed to develop basic language skills in Arabic: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as a basic understanding and assimilation of the Arab culture in general. The majority of courses are lower-division, numbered between 1 and 99, and do not have any pre-requisites. Our program is flexible and completed100% online. Therefore, learning colloquial utterances involves applying deletion rather than augmentation rules as rightly studied by numerous Dialectology linguists. The main difference between MSA and Classical Arabic lies in the vocabulary. Please contact us at if the course you’d like to take is not listed and you wish to petition. You get to learn the verses and what each word within them means.
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