2012 Schedule of Fees

Dear School Owner:


The Commission closely monitors our accreditation fees and operating expenses to ensure that funds are spent wisely.  NACCAS is organized as a not for profit corporation.  When adjustments to fees are necessary due to higher costs of operation, the changes are normally effective at the start of our fiscal year on July 1.  Effective July 1, 2012 there are increases in site visit fees due to higher airfares.  (Schools that previously paid in advance for a visit do not have to pay the difference.)  Also, there are some changes in our application fees and workshop registration fees.    However, our sustaining fees will remain the same for another year.  Please see the NACCAS Schedule of Fees at click here for complete information.  You may contact Len Grus, Director of Finance, at (703) 600-7600 x132 if there are any questions.  Thank you!

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