Resources & Materials for the Accreditation Process


Resources and Materials Available to Schools in the Application Process

Schedule of Fees   Posted on the NACCAS web site.

Information ABOUT FEES for Candidate Schools


Posted on the NACCAS web site. Click here for Information ABOUT FEES for Candidate Schools.

NACCAS Handbook


published January 1 of each year



published 4 times a year

“Community Call for Comment”


published 1 time a year (Next Community Call for Comment Scheduled for February 2014 dtails to come.)

NACCAS web site


includes all our Applications Forms, Standards & Policies, Rules, and Appendices

NACCAS Accreditation Workshops


provide technical assistance and samples

One-on-one consultation sessions


with NACCAS staff over the telephone or at the NACCAS office. (Also see our staff page.)

Consultation visits


by NACCAS staff to assist in the application process (automatic for new schools)

Pocket seminars


held at the school by request, on issues of importance to the school.

Assistance during on-site evaluations


by both evaluators and NACCAS staff.

NACCAS Official Response Document


format for responding to visit reports: Section 1.6 of the Rules