Documents for Current Evaluators


  • At this time NACCAS is NOT accepting or reviewing applications for new ICPEs in any category.  Please check the NACCAS website over the next six (6) months for updates on the status of accepting new applications.
  • For those who have already submitted applications, viewed the webinar and are now preparing to attend a workshop, all applications are on hold for review and process as our visit schedule will be lessening for the next 6 to 9 months. We will maintain your application documents and send an email when this status changes. It is not recommended you take a workshop at this time since new applicant workshop certificates cannot be older than six (6) months.

We appreciate your patience and interest in serving as a NACCAS ICPE!

Writing Clear and Effective Limitations.pdf Guidelines for On Site Evaluation Teams 2014  
Writing Clear and Effective Limitations.pdf Request for Check  
Writing Clear and Effective Limitations.pdf Required On-Site Documents  
Dec 2012 Samples Guides Book.docx Program Review Form  
  NACCAS Virtual School Visits Meeting Webinar recorded on 10/2/2015
  ICPE Survey  
Writing Clear and Effective Limitations.pdf Guide for Document Copies Needed for Each Visit Type  
ICPE Sample Compensation Worksheet  
ICPE Payment Request Form - Additional Costs

This is the form that ICPEs would complete if there are unusual circumstances on their visit week that incurs more costs than what we have budgeted for. 

Direct Deposit Letter.pdf ICPE Qualifications and Responsibilities  
Direct Deposit Letter.pdf Tips from the Trenches  
Direct Deposit Letter.pdf Authorization for Direct Deposit Direct Deposit Letter- Evaluator  
Conflict Resolution.pdf Tips for Conflict Resolution  
Goals of Accreditation.pdf Goals of Accreditation  
Team Member Evaluation Survey.pdf Team Member Evaluation Survey  
Writing Clear and Effective Limitations.pdf Writing Clear and Effective Limitations  
Writing Clear and Effective Limitations.pdf Nine (9) Month Disaster Compliance On-Site Evaluation Report  

School Owner/Administrator Documents


Academic Documents


Practitioner Documents