The NACCAS National Employment Database

The NACCAS National Employment Database

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS) is excited to provide member institutions with a new tool for tracking student placement rates: the NACCAS National Employment Database (“NNED”). 

While the NNED is not intended to replace current placement verification efforts, it will act as a starting point where basic employment details are compiled for all graduates of an institution within each calendar year from participating employers. 

NACCAS has created a secure database to which participating employers will be able to upload basic information regarding their new hires, including contact information for both employer and employee. 

This information will be organized by institution and calendar year.  Institutions may then access this database to track the employment data provided for each of their graduates.  In order to successfully utilize the NNED within your institution, follow the three steps below:


1)      Prepare Survey Cards:  NACCAS has created a template Survey Card to be provided to each student upon graduation.  Two methods have been prepared for the creation of Survey Cards.  First, Excel and Word templates have been created to simplify the method of creating survey cards via mail merge.  The templates, and instructions for their use, may be found here.  Additionally, an editable PDF template may be found here for those who do not wish to utilize the mail merge process.


2)      Distribute Survey Cards:  Each student should be provided with their unique NNED Survey Card upon graduation and given instruction to present the Survey Card to the participating employer at the time of hire.  The Survey Cards will direct participating employers to the NNED website where basic student information (also contained on the Survey Card) will be entered along with employer information.  In order to better facilitate the process, institutions might consider providing rewards to students whose employment data is successfully uploaded to the database and verified by the institution. 


3)      View and Verify Employment Information:  The data accumulated for each NACCAS institution will be available within the NACCAS Customer Relationship Management system.  Click here to access the login portal.  Employment data will be organized for graduates of the institution within each calendar year.  Utilize this information as a starting point for your institution’s independent verification of placement information to be provided to NACCAS with your Annual Report.