Sample Forms & Guidelines

Samples and Guidelines
Preface – A Must Read

NACCAS has provided schools with this useful tool that contains forms and guidelines to assist with remaining in compliance with NACCAS requirements.  NACCAS is one of the few, if not the only, accrediting agencies that provides such a tool for use by its constituency.  The purpose of the sample forms and guidelines is to aid NACCAS-accredited schools in meeting the goal of improving post-secondary education and complying with NACCAS requirements. They are designed to serve as a partner in making sure your institution meets all applicable standards, criteria, and policy requirements.  It is important to remember that they contain samples, guidelines, and guidance information only.  The information is provided to assist institutions in developing documents and policies.  Use of these forms and information does not guarantee compliance or ensure that the school will not receive limitations. However, use and proper implementation of these documents may well improve the success of the institution’s initial accreditation or renewal of accreditation process.

1.    Review them thoroughly.
2.    Determine which documents and policies apply to your institution, in whole or in part.
3.    Download the applicable Word documents from the NACCAS website by clicking the link.
4.    Edit any applicable forms and policies and ensure they are aligned to your institution and
       comply with your institution’s needs. 
5.    You must ensure that NACCAS’ name is removed from the forms prior to use.
6.    Place your personal brand onto the forms if you desire to do so.
7.    Properly implement the forms and policies into your operations.
8.    Maintain proper documentation of the newly tailored forms and policies at the institution
       and/or in student files.

Standard I - Sample Forms  

1 - Advisory Committee Minutes Sample
1 - Advisory Committee Survey Sample
1 - Annual Report Employment Follow-Up Survey Sample
1 - Annual Report Employment Verification Phone Log Sample
1 - Annual Report Self-Employment Certification Sample
1 - Current Student Survey Sample
1 - Description of Changes or Improvements - Sample

1 - Graduate Employment Follow-Up Sample
1 - Graduate Exit Survey Sample
1 - Guidance for Improving Outcomes
1 - Guidelines for Obtaining Feedback and Developing an Improvement Plan
1 - Instructor Survey Sample
1 - Mission Statement Guidelines
1 - Summary of Advisory Committee and Surveys Sample

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Standard II - Sample Forms

2 - Instructor Evaluation Form Sample
2 - Instructor Job Description Sample
2 - New Hire Instructor Checklist Sample
2 - Staff Meeting Minutes Policy Sample
2 - Substitute Instructor Orientation Checklist Sample
2 -Instructor Continuing Education Plan Sample

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Standard III - Sample Forms

3 - Contents of an Operating Procedure Manual Sample

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Standard IV - Sample Forms

4 - Admissions Policy Sample
4 - Articulation Agreement Sample
4 - Components of a Typical Student File Sample
4 - Enrollment Agreement Addendum Sample
4 - Enrollment Agreement Sample
4 - LOA Policy and Request Form Sample
4 - Pre Enrollment Receipt of Information Sample
4 - Secondary Students Admissions Policy Sample

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Standard V - Sample Forms

5 - Job Placement Policy Sample
5 - New Student Orientation Checklist Sample
5 - Student Advising Form Sample
5 - Student Grievance Form Sample
5 - Student Grievance Procedure Sample
5- Exit Interview Checklist Sample

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Standard VI - Sample Forms

6 - Cosmetology (20%DE) Level One Schedule Sample
6 - Cosmetology Program Outline Sample
6 - Distance Education Policy  and Disclosure Sample

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Standard VII - Sample Forms

7 - Extra Instructional Charges Policy Sample
7 - Institutional Refund Calculation Worksheet Sample
7 - Refund Policy Sample
7 - Student Account Ledger Card Sample

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Standard IX - Sample Forms

9 - Official Transcript Sample
9 - Practical Examination with Written Grading Criteria Sample
9 - SAP Appeal Form Sample
9 - SAP Policy Sample
9 - SAP Report Sample

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