NACCAS Annual Report due


Dear School Owner:

The 2011 (Data) NACCAS Annual Report is due electronically by November 30, 2012. Any institution accredited prior to November 30, 2012 is required to submit the Report electronically to NACCAS. As changes have been made from the 2010 Annual Report, we strongly recommend that every institution review the 2011 Annual Report Instructions before submitting their Report electronically.


Accessing Annual Report Instructions: The Worksheets and Instructions for the 2011 Annual Report are available by clicking here. Again, we strongly encourage every institution to thoroughly review these Instructions, as changes have been made from the 2010 Annual Report.


Frequently Asked Questions: For answers to several of the most frequently asked questions regarding the NACCAS Annual Report, please click here.


Late Filing Fee: Please note that a late filing penalty of $505.00 (per accredited campus) will be assessed for any Annual Report not completely submitted prior to midnight (EST) on November 30, 2012. “Completely submitted” includes filing an Annual Report Certification which is postmarked on or before December 1, 2012.


Mains and Additional Locations: A main campus and all of its additional locations (including provisionally accredited campuses) must combine information when submitting the Annual Report as they are considered one institution.


Assistance is Available: If you have any questions or comments regarding the 2011 Annual Report Instructions and/or completion of the 2011 Annual Report online, please contact Jason Tiezzi at (703) 600-7600, ext. 155 or via email at