All Applications & Forms

Accreditation Terms Disclosure
Processes and Estimated Timetables for Commission Action
Feasibility Study for New Campuses
Workshop Webinars Attestation - Candidate Application
Requirements for Institutions that have Undergone a Disaster
Petition for Variance
Steps to Becoming Accredited
Application Form 1 - Application for Candidate Status 
Application Form 2 - Application for Initial Accreditation (after completing Candidate Status)
Application Form 2A - Application for Initial Accreditation (For Institutions not required to complete Candidate Status)
NACCAS Workshop Registration Form - Candidate Accredited Institutions
NACCAS Workshop Registration Form - ICPE
NACCAS Workshop Registration Form - Non-Accredited Institutions
Application Form 3A - Application for Initial Additional Location
Application Form 3B - Application for Branch Campus
Application Form 4 - Application for Renewal of Accreditation
Application Forms 5, 6 and 7 - Instructions for New Programs and Substantive Changes in Programs
Application Form 5 - Application for Approval of a Program Measured in Clock Hours
Application Form 6 - Application for Approval of a Program Measured in Credit Hours
Application Form 7 - Application for Approval of a Competency-Based Program
Application Form 8 - Application for Approval of a Clock Hour and Credit Hour Conversion (Non-Substantive)
Application Form 8a - Application for Approval of a Clock Hour and Credit Hour Conversion Substantive
Application Form 11 - Application For Change of Location
Application Form 12A - Change of Control (Change of Ownership) - Single Institution
Application Form 12B - Change of Control (Change of Ownership) - Multiple Institutions
Application Form 14 - Application for Institutions Whose Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs are Terminating
Application Form 15A- Re-Designation to Main Campus
Application Form 15B- Re-Designation to Additional Location
Application Form 15C- Re-Designation to Branch Campus
Application Form 17 - Addition of Secondary Facility
Notification Form 1A - Non Substantive Change of Ownership
Notification Form 1B - Additional Classroom Space
Notification Form 1C - Non-Substantive Add_Change Program
Notification Form 1D - State Mandated Change
Notification Form 1E - Test Market Exception
Notification Form 1F - Contracting a Program with Another Institution / Addition of an Articulation Agreement
Notification Form 1G - Change of Name and Alternate Name
Notification Form 1H - Change of Official Contact Information
Notification Form 1J - Removal of Program
Notification Form 1K - Change of Fiscal Year End
Notification Form 1M - Change of Program Schedule
Notification Form 1N - Change of Corporate Name
Notification Form 1Q - Method of Delivery
Notification Form 2 - Consultant Authorization
Notification Form 3 Limited Authorization for Release of Information
Notification Form 4 - Non-Substantive Change – Continuing Education Class Approval
Application for Approval of a Combined Program 
Non-Substantive Change Federally-State Mandated Change
Complaint Form - Complaints against Schools
Complaint Form - Complaints Against the Commission or Commissioners
Extension of Time Request Form
Candidate Consultation Visit Request Form
Pocket Seminar Request Form
Excel Composite Score Formula : Composite Score Worksheet (NACCAS Version) 
Excel Special Report-Cash Flow Analysis